Album Category: single

Funky Man

The song is about a really funky man – think Morris Day and you got a […]

Me, Myself And I

A raw blend of funk, rock and perky guitar lick tied together with a tight vocalist […]

You’re The Only One For Me

I’m back with a brand new danceable pop song with a catchy melody and hook. In […]

Funk You Up

Are you ready to be funked up? By a funky dude walking down the street in […]

Sexy, Sexy Lady

The story behind this song is one of a kind. I was sleeping. Deep. Beside me […]

Drives Me Crazy

This song is kind of weird since I have been writing on a song originally called […]

Excuze Me

I had a thing (still have actually) back in the days when I was going nowhere […]

Coz I’m Kahsay

During my “My Name Is Prince”- era I wanted to write a similar song. This is […]


My first single since 1996, Annie a collaboration with Lars Chriss from Lions Share. Released in […]