Album Category: single

Life Sucks

I wrote this song sitting on a coffee shop thinking that everything in life sucked. Wich […]

What’s Wrong

A song about feelings of emptyness and the consequences that can give in terms of sleeping […]

Dance With Me

A song about the joy dancing gives me. I hope that the nod to the late […]


A song about how we all are hiding behind a mask.

Slow Joe

The song is about the importance to be cool and do things slowly. In these time […]

Yes I Do

This song is based on a dream I had. In the dream I was on my […]

I’m Not Falling

The song is about how important it is to keep your dreams alive and strive to […]


With a groove delivered by a funky dude dancing in the club in a brand new […]

Clap Your Hands

A demo I did back in the day – that I decided to rerecord and release […]

Losin’ It

Another funky release from me. This time the MOOG bass and the guitars is the foundation […]