Next release – Mask

I’m currently planning the promotion for my upcoming song “Mask” that will be released October 30 on all streaming platforms. So if you got Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Youtube you will be able to hear it soon. Until then here’s the cover art for that song.

Stay tuned


Still in the process of writing new songs. My latest is a song I call “mask” and it is about how we all kind of hide our true selves behind a mask. Nobody really knows who you are since you want a little piece of yourself for your self.

It’s not a typical funk song but then again I strive to broaden my style to be more than just typical funky stuff.


I’m working like a madman on my next album. I will release a couple of singles and one of them is called “Mbaie Mbaza” and is about a weird encounter I had back in the days.

Stay tuned!