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Coz I’m Kahsay

My first album. Wrote most of the songs myself. Produced by Max Martin, Denniz Pop, Rami Yacoub from Cheiron Studios in Stockholm.

Louder Than Normal

My third album. Written, produced and performed by myself on all songs. It was released in January 2021.

Best Of Kahsay

A compilation of my most streamed songs, on different platforms.

The Funky Man

My second album. Written, produced and performed by myself except for two songs. Additional production by Lars Chriss and CFM.

Missing the Boat

My fourth album. I wrote all of the songs myself. Mixed and produced by myself in my studio, Stockholm. And released July 2022.


Come Back To Me


Mbaie Mbaza

Get Out

Life Sucks

What’s Wrong

Yes I Do

Clap Your Hands


Move On

In Your Eyes



Slow Joe

I’m Not Falling


Come Play

I’m The Light

Let Me Be Your Lover

Dance With Me



Losin’ It

Another funky release from me. This time the MOOG bass and the guitars is the foundation for the song. And the story is about a man that wake up and find himself in the same room as his other self. A weird story about losin’ it… not at all close to me

Funky Man

The song is about a really funky man – think Morris Day and you got a mental picture about the man I try to describe in this song. I woke up one Saturday morning with the guitar lick in my head.

Me Myself And I

A raw blend of funk, rock and perky guitar lick tied together with a tight vocalist and melodic chorus. Just “Me, myself and I”. This guitar lick came to me one Sunday morning.

You’re The Only One For Me

A danceable pop song with a catchy melody and hook. In this single ”You’re The Only One For Me”, I sing about a woman that means everything to me. It’s a feel good song about love, affection, attraction and the pure joy to be in love with someone that loves you back.

Funk You Up

Are you ready to be funked up? In this single “Funk You Up”, Kahsay goes once again really funky and down with the beat. The song is about a man that have the rhythm, groove and beat and by just following him on this four minute journey you’ll have enriched your life.

Sexy, Sexy Lady

The story behind this song is one of a kind. I was sleeping. Deep. I jumped out of bed, humming the melody to the chorus. Booted the keyboard, inserted disks and at the same started to write down the words in my notebook. I programed drums, added bass line and chords. Got hold of a tape recorder and then sang the newly created lyrics as a first draft. And then I went to bed.


My first single since 1996, Annie a collaboration with Lars Chriss from Lions Share. Released in 2016. This is the one song that got me to write and compose music again after a couple of years of hiatus doing nothing musically.

Drives Me Crazy

This song is kind of weird since I have been writing on a song originally called “Wet”. And not wet as in rainy wet, rather only on one leg wet because one is down under pressure and life sucks so much so even the dogs pee at your legs.

Excuze Me

I had a thing (still have actually) back in the days when I was going nowhere without a notebook and a pen. When ever the inspiration hit me I was ready. This song came about first with the imho cool fraise “Excuze Me – this is my planet too”

Coz I’m Kahsay

During my “My Name Is Prince”- era I wanted to write a similar song. This is the result and is also the title song of my first album. About a man who doesn’t need any permission from anybody.

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