Yay! You made it this far. Hopefully you have already listen to some of my songs and have some kind of idea about me. If not this is me: I’m not trying to solve the world’s problem. I’m just a dude playing guitar and making songs.

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I’m constantly seeing ads and promos on fb that by an unknown Artist. Most are simply put…. just new to the Idea or social media platforms on getting their Music and Voice Heard. Not a single one of the videos kept my attention and always left me laughing or rolling my eyes and thinking….. “Good God! That’s Horrible”. Needless to say…. I couldn’t get past the first few seconds and hit the “Hide or Remove Button”. Your The FIRST Artist that I didn’t do that with on Social Media….. I Loved It!!! It’s got Soul, Motown, An Edgy 80’s Euro Twist….. You Owned This! I guess that for every Great and Highly Successful Artist….. there was a million that failed before him or her. Your That ONE in a Million. Just Amazing 🥰❤👍👍👍👏👏👏🥰

Karen Elizabeth Thier 

What others have been saying about my music

It’s really so astonishing to find such music in 2020.


Kahsay-king-of-Funk strikes again. You really pump out this sharp funky tracks. Love the melody running thorugh this. Nice Job


Marvellously funk! Smooth, unique vocals! Very nice feel!.


Keep writing songs you will inspire some else.

Salvador Amador 

Slammin’ sick funk bringin’ it back, must dig it, love the hype my Brother💜

Daniel DiGennaro 

So in touch great song I’m there dude Thankyou😎

Tabb Hartley 

This stuff destroys nearly all the crap you see on the music channels its good to see people making music getting it on here rather than licking mtvs ass to get a spot good for you catchy song too

Anto Hollywud 

This was fire 🔥 only halfway trough I’ve realized that one of my foot was moving to the beat lol

Adrian Popa 

I love this song I love to dance and I will always love music .

Mary Froto Gallando 

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