I wrote this song when the relationship was over but I was not over her… All takes are first takes in the studio.

Turn Me On

My first top 20 single on the Swedish dance charts. This song was produced by Denniz Pop and Max Martin.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


A song about a woman called Annie. This is my first release on Spotify. Enjoy and spread the clip if you like it.

Drives Me Crazy

This song is kind of weird since I have been writing on a song originally called “Wet”. And not wet as in rainy wet, rather only on one leg because one is down under pressure and life sucks so much so even the dogs pee at your legs. When I told the story for the producers they laughed out loud since it is indeed a sad story, but asked me kindly to rewrite it to a more “sell able” story. And out of that the song evolved to a drum’n’bass kind of story about a man that is on the brink to loose it.

The original song were more rock oriented and had more punch to it. But I like this versions instrumental parts a lot and a great production from my producers.